Fondazione Golinelli was established in Bologna in 1988, as a will of the entrepreneur and philanthropist Marino Golinelli.

Today it represents the unique Italian example of a private and totally operative foundation, inspired to the model of the American philanthropic foundations. Fondazione Golinelli deals with education, training and culture in an integrated manner, in order to nurture the intellectual and ethical growth of young people and society, with the final goal of contributing to the sustainable development of the country.


A new home with an old name: Opificio Golinelli is the new citadel for knowledge and culture in Bologna. Built with a total investment of 12 million euro, it rises up on over 9,000 square meters and it hosts about 150,000 visitors every year. Due to the expected numbers and to the cultural model, Opificio Golinelli is considered one of the largest experimental laboratories for teaching science and technology as well as a center of national and international importance.


Opened in October 2017 and designed by Mario Cucinella Architects, it stands in front of Opificio to complete the centre for knowledge and culture with a high calibre, both artistic and symbolic. The 700 square metres plan is the setting where exhibits, conferences, projections and concerts take place. The Centre aims to refound the dialogue between art and science, establishing a link between past, present and future.


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