Fondazione Golinelli was established in Bologna in 1988 as a project of the entrepreneur and philanthropist Marino Golinelli, with the goal of promoting education and training, spreading culture, and encouraging the intellectual and ethical growth of young people, the citizens of tomorrow.

It is the only case in Italy of a private foundation based on the model of the large American philanthropic foundations: concrete action, pragmatism, vision and efficacy in the implementation of projects make it an example of best practice among the foundations in our country. Today Fondazione Golinelli is a reference point in the field of the circulation of scientific culture. Its activities combine art with the natural and social sciences, creating contacts between schools, universities, research, the world of business and the world of work. All this is carried out in a perspective of moral and civil responsibility: education is the key to construct a better society, prepared to cope with the complex challenges the near future holds in store.


Fondazione Golinelli was officially presented during the celebrations for the ninth centennial of the University of Bologna (the first university in the Western world, founded in 1088), and it was ratified by a Decree of the President of the Republic on 2 October 1989. Already in its first years of activity, Fondazione Golinelli stood out for its innovative projects, its orientation towards productive cooperation with the education system and the public administration, and its ability to circulate high-quality content through exhibitions, events, workshops, seminars and conferences.
Since July 2014 Fondazione Golinelli is an institution accredited by MIUR (the Ministry of Education, the University and Research) for the training of school personnel. All its training initiatives are recognized by the Ministry, and the participating teachers have the right to take time off for these programs, in keeping with current regulations.


Our future is what begins to happen in the very next moment. We live in extraordinary times: the exponential growth of knowledge, the spread of information, the multiplication of media of communication offer unprecedented opportunities to all of us, and to the entire human race. But we are also exposed to growing levels of complexity, and to very fast changes.
To avoid being overwhelmed we have to spread culture, promote creativity, and nurture curiosity about the world and about ourselves, with a constant desire to learn. We have to know how to interface art and science, reason and emotion, analysis and synthesis, brilliant theories and virtuous practices. We must never stop asking ourselves new questions, and seeking new answers. This is the logic behind the action of Fondazione Golinelli, offering everyone, in keeping with their abilities, new stimuli, tools and opportunities for knowledge, in the conviction that the spread of knowledge can also reduce the possibility of conflict, favoring social cohesion and democratic participation.


The activities of Fondazione Golinelli have expanded over the years both horizontally, involving new disciplines and new audiences, and vertically, addressing new age groups and new social categories.
Today they are organized in six separate project areas and involve pre-school children, students of elementary and middle schools, high schools and universities, but also teachers, families, scholars and experts. The basic idea is that everyone still has something to learn. And that they can learn it, if properly guided, whether they are three or ninety-nine years old, experts or absolute beginners. This is a holistic vision, aimed at incrementing the entire human and social capital of our country.


From October 2015 Fondazione Golinelli had its new headquarters: Opificio Golinelli, an architectural structure based on a new concept, already close to completion. Images of the factory are used to illustrate all the pages of this website.