New Golinelli Arts and Science Centre is now open


MCA_GOL_park_render Engram StudioThe new Golinelli Arts and Science Centre inaugurated in Bologna on October 11, along with UNPREDICTABLE, preparing for the future, without knowing what it will be like, the new art and science exhibition curated by Giovanni Carrada and Cristiana Perrella displaying the works of both young Italian and foreign artists. The exhibition will be open until February 4.

Designed by Mario Cucinella Architects, the new pavilion is the parallelepiped- shaped setting, measuring 30×20 meters and 8 meters high, where all the different activities promoted by Fondazione Golinelli will take place: exhibits, conferences, concerts and projections.

The Centre aims to refound the dialogue between art and science, establishing again a link between past, present and future. The new space of imagination and experimentation will complete the cultural activities Opificio Golinelli offers, by hosting a multi-year programme which aspires to imagine the future as well as encouraging educational initiatives along with business ventures for young people.

Autore: admin | 19 ottobre 2017