A new home with an old name: Opificio Golinelli is the new citadel for knowledge and culture in Bologna. Built with a total investment of 12 million euro, it rises up on over 9,000 square meters and it hosts about 150,000 visitors every year. Due to the expected numbers and to the cultural model, it is considered to be one of the largest experimental laboratories for teaching science and technology as well as a center of national and international importance.

The architectural project, configured as an operation of regeneration and urban renewal, has recovered an abandoned former factory. Opificio Golinelli has obtained the recognition of the Urbanism Award 2015 from the scientific journal of the National Institute of Urban Planning for the “Quality of infrastructure and public spaces”.

In 2016 Opificio Golinelli was selected for the 15th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, Italy Pavilion.