Fondazione Golinelli was established in Bologna in 1988, as a will of the entrepreneur and philanthropist Marino Golinelli.

Today it represents the unique Italian example of a private and totally operative foundation, inspired to the model of the American philanthropic foundations. Fondazione Golinelli deals with education, training and culture in an integrated manner, in order to nurture the intellectual and ethical growth of young people and society, with the final goal of contributing to the sustainable development of the country.

It works for cultural and responsible development of the citizens in all fields of knowledge. One of the most important strategic goals is to provide children (especially schoolchildren), the citizens of tomorrow, guidelines and tools that enable them to grow responsibly, civilly and socially, fostering the creation of ethical behavior for a more cohesive society. Young people, able to develop themselves in an innovative and competitive way in an increasingly globalized, complex, multi-cultural and unpredictable world .


Direction: Giovanni Bortolani
Production studio: Dreamed
Original music: Spectrum Studio